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Each year, 50 million of tons of IT gear reaches end-of-life.
Tradeloop is where companies buy, repair, recycle, and resell it.

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My company needs to dispose of old computers but we're worried about data breaches, and can't let the gear end in a landfill.

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My company repairs cell phones and computers to sell in our store and on eBay. We're always looking for a quality supply of wholesale lots.

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I'm a professional trader who wants to connect with your huge network of dealers and brokers.. but with no transaction fees.

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We'll help dispose of unwanted IT Assets properly.

Your Equipment May Contain Sensitive Data

Data breaches are all too common these days.  A Certified ITAD will make sure your data is properly destroyed.


The world's top ITADs trade here.

More than half of the top ITADs and R2 Certified Recyclers trade on Tradeloop. (source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition and R2 Website)


Used Electronics Contains Toxins

Used electronics contains toxins and rare earth elements which need to be recycled or reclaimed. A certified ITAD will ensure your equipment is responsibly recycled.


Properly disposing your IT assets is like buying PR liability insurance. Don't let your company end up in the news for the wrong reasons.

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Tradeloop has done the Due Diligence

Every public seller is certified with a 130 point Due Diligence test and a six month peer review, and must remain free of disputes.


Paying is Safe

Buying is safe.  Payment is held in escrow until you’ve had a chance to inspect the product.   A robust dispute resolution process run by a committee of industry volunteers handles problems that can’t be mediated.

More wholesale IT listings than any other site in the world.

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The "Public Marketplace" is our Free Site

This website is our new “Public Marketplace”, where the public can conduct business with the IT Secondary Market, in a safe trading environment.


We’re helping corporate end-users find outlets to dispose of unwanted IT assets, and small refurbishers and eBay sellers to find quality bulk lots to resell.


Every Listing Here is from a Trusted Member

Only Tradeloop Members that have been Certified for Public Trading can create listings here.   To become certified, they must demonstrate organizational competency and ethical trading practices by completing a Competency Assessment Survey, a 130 point Due Diligence score, an Advisory Committee peer review, and a six month application period with no disputes or complaints.

Tradeloop Members are the world's best ITADs, Recyclers, and Dealers.