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Wholesale Computer Parts

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Tradeloop is the largest global trading network for the secondary IT market. Browsing through a searchable database of computers and parts, Tradeloop members are provided a safe and secure marketplace to buy and sell online.

From our Trading Floor, you’ll find an extensive selection of new, used, off-lease and refurbished computer systems, as well as wholesale computer parts and components. If you’re searching for bulk quantities of computing equipment for your organization, Tradeloop provides the ultimate resource.

Tradeloop members log in to our online system to find and trade with over 12,000 brokers, buyers and sellers. When you’re looking for specific wholesale computer parts, you can search by model number right on our home page, or complete a more advanced search from our Trading Floor. There you’ll be able to browse by manufacturer or search by name, model number or keyword description.

A secure marketplace

At Tradeloop, our first priority is making sure we offer our members a safe place to conduct business. Companies admitted to the Tradeloop community are required to abide by the Tradeloop Code of Business Practices and Ethics. Our code of ethics demands that all members be professional, competent, and always follow through on written and verbal agreements.

If a dispute arises from a trade of wholesale computer parts, a volunteer committee will review the complaint and defense. The committee then decides whether or not to post the complaint to the entire community. In all disputes, both sides are given a chance to state their case before a decision is made.

Our attention to ethical responsibility ensures that our members are given the safety and security they expect and deserve.

Trial Membership

If you would like to preview our services, and to get a better idea of the process of trading wholesale computer parts through Tradeloop.com, sign up for a trial membership. With a trial username and password, you’ll be able to conduct unlimited searches of our wholesale database, send and receive broadcasts through the Tradeloop community, post your inventory for a hits analysis, and sell to end-users on Vendorbase.

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